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Art of Glass

Calyx Containers


The Project

Calyx Containers wanted to create a way to honor the glass blowing community and its relationship to cannabis. Art of Glass partners with glass blowing artists to highlight the art of heady glass while also raising funds for non-profit organizations that support communities impacted by judicial cannabis inequities.

Art of Glass Mockup

Stakeholder Mapping

Customer Journey Mapping


Designing the Experience

The biggest challenge on this project was defining the scope and staying within the timeline allotted. To help mitigate scope creep

I started by creating a product requirement document to help define the must-haves. Then I used the PRD to create a customer journey map that we could share with internal stakeholders. Based on the project goals, I identified the external stakeholders and used a "who, what, why" to help define what success would look like.


Detailed Design

Using the PRD and journey map, I sketched the design and used the sketches to create low-fidelity wireframes in Figma. On the homepage, the goal was to keep users engaged in the experience and continue moving down the page. If users didn't want to make a purchase, then our goal was to capture their information for lead generation. On the product pages, we wanted users to have an interactive experience, where they could view glass pieces from all angles. Additionally, it was important that the glass blowing artists had a prominent place on the page so they could speak to their work and their involvement in the project.

High-Fidelity Mock-ups

The Final Result

This project was one of the more challenging projects I have been a part of, there were a lot of pivots that resulted in changing design, and our team worked with an outside developer on executing, which meant reconsidering design timelines to ensure the site was completed on time. I learned about the importance of my role in keeping my team focused and on track and keeping the project on budget and within the scope of what we wanted to accomplish. The result was a captivating e-commerce site design that allows the user to explore every aspect of heady glass culture.

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