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MICA MUXD: Industry Challenge

May 2021 


My Role

UX Research, UI Design, Branding

Ashley Olmsted

UX Research, UX Design, Prototyping

Amber Frank
UX Research, UI Design

Dominique Goncalves
UX Design, Prototyping 

Madison Davis
UX Research, UX Design 

Project Overview:  

Branding and visual identity can be an important way to help build

awareness and create culture for your users. Helping Hands was an app designed

around the seriousness of natural disasters, our brand needed to bring a level of comfort and friendliness to our users. We wanted to encourage them to want to use the app to share with or reach out to their neighbors. The stylization and color palette of our app was built with this in mind. Additionally, creating a

cohesive design system would help us work together collaboratively because we had a point of reference for what modules needed to look like as we moved into high-fidelity mock-ups.

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